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Why Use CCTV Drain Inspections to Check for Rats?

Of all the pests that you can find lurking in your home, few will produce as much panic as a rat. Unfortunately, rats are opportunistic foragers, and they can easily access homes in order to find shelter and food. Unfortunately, one of the most common ways that they can enter the home is through the drains.

The rodent highway

Your drainage system will be connected to a larger sewage system. That's great for getting rid of your own waste, but the vast interconnected system of pipes and drains creates the perfect transportation system for rats. In fact, a rat only needs the tiniest hole to be able to squeeze into a new area since they can compress all parts of their body but the head. If there are any small holes or cracks in the sewage system around your home, it's possible for rats to enter your own drains and then crawl up into your home. Of course, this problem is made doubly disgusting by the fact that rats coming into your home from drains can bring up all kinds of filth and disease with them.

Using CCTV systems to detect rodents

One of the main problems with rats getting into a home through the drains is that it often takes a while for owners to detect their presence and means of entry.  After all, people tend to think of the drains as impenetrable, and it can be tricky to identify the presence of rats without any visible holes.

Once you know rats are coming in, the drains are one of the first things you should have checked; they are harder to block off, and more rats can keep entering your home through them. CCTV drain surveys are perfect for making the original check since they can take a look all the way inside your drains. Rats can scurry up pipes over long distances, so it's often necessary to go quite deep in order to find their means of ingress. Additionally, CCTV inspections are safe, not putting you or your plumber in contact with the rats themselves.

CCTV systems will be able to find the exact point where rats are entering the sewage system, and they will be able to do so without having to conduct any invasive work. Once the area has been identified, a plumber from a company like Nu-Jet will be able to tell you exactly how to work against the problem, and you'll be able to work against the issue quickly since you'll know exactly where repair work needs to be conducted.