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Pool Pumps: Tips to Using Your Equipment As Efficiently As Possible

Having a swimming pool necessitates investing in a pool pump. This type of machinery is tasked with keeping your pool clean and pristine, which ensures that the swimming pool is always safe to swim in. Nevertheless, pool pumps are notorious for exorbitant electricity costs. Therefore, it would be prudent to know how to make pool pumps as energy efficient as possible if you would like to keep the costs of owning a swimming pool low. Below are some of the handy tips you can employ to make using your pool pump as energy efficient as possible.

Tip 1: Invest in the right size of pool pump

A misconception that some people have when it comes to buying equipment is that bigger is always better, which is not the case. Although larger pumps may be more powerful than their smaller counterparts, it does not mean that every swimming pool needs a large pool pump. Pool pumps come in a wide assortment of sizes as well as capacities to ensure that you can find a pump to suit the water volume of your individual pool. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to consult with your pool technician on which size of pump would be your best choice. It should be noted that larger pumps tend to consume more energy than their smaller alternatives, thus the bigger the pump, the higher your utility costs.

Tip 2: Make proper use of your pool pump

Pool pumps are designed to eliminate dirt and debris from your pool. They are also tasked with circulating pool chemicals, such as chlorine, to ensure that those agents are absorbed evenly. However, a mistake some homeowners make is delegating all pool cleaning to the pump. As much as your pool pump is designed for pool cleaning, it should not be the sole piece of equipment that you depend on to accomplish this because it could eventually lead to the pump overworking itself. Instead, you should also put in your effort by skimming the pool on a routine basis as well as scrubbing the sides of the pool to eliminate stubborn stains.

Tip 3: Invest in a pump timer

Some homeowners may consider buying a timer for their pump an unnecessary expense as they assume they will simply remind themselves to turn it off. Remembering to do this may seem easy in theory, but you can easily become distracted by your day's activities, which would lead to your pump running for hours on end. It would be best to invest in the timer to be on the safe side rather than risk unnecessary spikes in your utility bills.