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Different Reasons You May Need Blocked Drain Repairs

Plumbing issues tend to be simple to detect. The problem comes in when homeowners ignore the signs and symptoms, which leads to the underlying problem becoming aggravated. Before you know it, you end up with a plumbing emergency on your residence that could have easily been avoided if addressed once the water began to back up in your drains. One of the more common plumbing issues that you will experience as a homeowner is blocked drains. Blocked drains are typical since there are many causes to these clogs. So what are some of the different reasons why you would require blocked drain repairs?

Simple clogs in your drainage system

The most common reason why you may need to seek blocked drain repairs is due to simple clogs that come about due to heavy usage of your plumbing. The aspects of your plumbing that tend to be susceptible to these simple clogs are the kitchen and the bathroom drain. If you are not vigilant about ensuring that food particles do not make their way down the kitchen sink, the matter eventually begins to accumulate and coagulate, leading to clogs in the drain.

On the other hand, drains in your bathroom drain will eventually come about due to hair, scum and biofilm collecting in the drain over time. Luckily, simple clogs can easily be eliminated using a plunger. Nevertheless, if you find that you have to use your plunger on a regular basis, you should call a plumber to determine if there is a stubborn blockage that is lodged within the drainage system.

Malfunctioning vented toilet drains

Another reason you may require blocked drain repairs is if your toilet's drainage has become compromised. A symptom to look out for would be the presence of bubbles inside your toilet bowl, yet the water in the bowl has been stagnant. A venting system is crucial for your toilet, as it functions to ensure that there is sufficient air within the drain line to facilitate the equalizing of pressure. As long as the pressure is equal, water will flow as it should through your drain lines.

If the venting system has started to malfunction due to a blockage or if it was installed improperly, it will lead to the uneven pressure within the drain lines, which in turn will lead to water backing up and could pose the risk of an overflowing toilet. It would be essential to hire a plumber as soon as possible!