Very Important Tips and Advice About Plumbing

Basics of bathroom design

When you are designing your house, it is easy to follow the design ideas and logic for the kitchen and the living rooms. Bathrooms, however, can be last on your mind, even though you spend time there daily. The primary challenge when coming up with a bathroom design is to fuse comfort and usability. Here are the major considerations that can inform your bathroom design:


The plumbing can be on one, two, three or four walls. When the plumbing is on one wall, it means the toilet, sink, and shower will be aligned along that wall. This is very economical. As you add the plumbing to more walls, you come up with different layout options for your bathroom. The downside is that the costs increase with each wall that has plumbing. However, the type of plumbing you choose is determined in part by the space you have allocated.


The kind of services you plan for your bathroom have a great impact on the design. A self-rimming sink might be your choice if you need storage, as it can be mounted on a counter. Conversely, a pedestal sink can suit you if space for storage is not your priority. You can also have cabinets installed to provide storage.If you elect to install cabinets in your bathroom, there are more style options for you.


The way that good light makes a place cozier cannot be overstated. One of the first considerations is the overhead light. Mirrors, however play a large role in how you plan the lighting. The simple trick is to install lights on both sides of the mirror and one above it to cast light on your face. Another important aspect to remember is the general lighting. If there are strategic windows that bring natural light into the bathroom, it will be more beautiful.


The main goal with flooring is to prevent slips and falls. Your ideal material is one that is beautiful, easy to maintain and durable. The common options are stone floors and ceramic tiles. The color of the flooring also has a big role in creating a nice ambiance in the bathroom.

Walls and windows

The walls should be a color that complements the other fixtures in the bathroom. If you can match the color of the window treatments, you will have a bathroom you don't want to leave. Your bathroom designer can help you find the best choices for your bathroom.