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What to Do If You Are Getting Frequent Drain Blockages in Your Home

You may have encountered some ongoing issues with your plumbing and it might be driving you to distraction. You may have tried everything at your disposal to unblock drains and while the solution may seem to work temporarily, it's not a permanent fix. If you are experiencing even more backups, pesky smells and discontent, what could the issue be and what should you do?

Ongoing Issues Point to Your Drainpipes

Frequent problems like this point to blockages within your drainpipes. You don't have to live in an older home to come across this type of problem, either, but it looks like something is compromising the installation.

Old Versus New

You may wonder why you're running into problems with a relatively new build, but may frequently find that leftover construction materials have compromised the efficiency of the pipe. On the other hand, if you are in an older home it's far more likely that root infiltration is the issue. This is particularly commonplace in South Australia, but it can happen anywhere. Stubborn tree roots will seek out moisture on the outside of pipes and will eventually crack the pipes themselves. The roots can subsequently make their way inside and cause a full blockage.

What You Should Do

In order to find out what is wrong, you will need to commission an inspection using a specially made drain camera. These cameras can be used in virtually any size of pipe and within all material types, including concrete, clay, PVC, copper and even cast iron.

These gadgets are attached to flexible hoses, which can reach a considerable way into the underground piping from your kitchen or bathroom location. On the end of the hose is a locator device, in addition to the camera. This is sophisticated and very accurate. It will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the problem and triangulate the coordinates for further action. This will allow technicians to find the exact spot above ground and dig down to the blockage area.

Fixing the Problem

Once the area has been accessed the roots can be cut back, or the construction material removed, whichever is the case. Note, that you may have to consider removing the tree in some circumstances, if the problem would likely reappear otherwise.

Using the Right Equipment

As you've been putting up with this problem for so long, you need to ensure that it is fixed on the first visit. Consequently, make sure that you only choose a plumbing contractor who is experienced in this type of investigative work and who has the type of technology you need for pinpoint identification.