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Why That Small Plumbing Job May Not Be Small After All

To avoid the repair bill from a professional plumber or to get the work done quickly, often some homeowners prefer handling plumbing jobs by themselves, especially the "small" problems. However, it's also not unusual for them to call a plumber after they've supposedly handled that plumbing job. They could have either made the problem worse or overlooked some areas that needed repair. Check out these times when a so-called small plumbing job may not be small, and why you might want to call an emergency plumber to handle it instead.

Banging or Hammering Noises in the Pipes

Typically, a banging sound when you turn on your faucet is due to air in the pipes. You can bleed the pipes where they're connected to your water heater to let this air out. However, the job may not be as small as that. In some cases, the pressure of your water heater is way up high, such that too much water rushes through the pipes at once and causes that banging. If you don't adjust this pressure, the pipes will keep banging and may eventually break. You might also want to check the pipes that have been banging for any resultant damage to the connectors; a plumber will be able to do this and replace those connectors before they become loose and cause a leak.

Frozen Pipes

Thawing out pipes that have frozen is not an easy fix. In some cases, where there has been so much pressure put on the pipes from the expanding water as it froze, the pipe will simply burst as the water starts to melt. It may have already formed a crack though there is no water leakage as long as the water is frozen. Once you thaw the water with a heat source, it may leak through the pipe, and also the pressure from the water and the ice can cause the pipe to burst. A plumber will know if the pipe should just be removed and replaced after it's been frozen and will ensure there is no damage to your home.

Installing New Pipes

Installing new plumbing pipes should be easy, but homeowners often don't realise the necessary steps to do this correctly. Pipes need to match their materials, and the connectors between pipes need to be of the same type so that there is no corrosion and so that the pipes are properly supporting one another. You may also need to use plumber's tape or a kind of sealant around the pipes to keep them secure. Have a plumber handle this job, so that your new pipes last for years.