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Toilet options to install for your commercial premises

Toilets for commercial uses are quite different from residential toilets. Commercial toilets often need to be more efficient in their use of water, less prone to damage, and easier to clean/maintain.

More efficient toilet designs are being introduced into the market for commercial applications. They are less prone to leaking, are easier for many different people to use, and enable building owners to save on water consumption costs. This article will explore some of the most useful commercial toilets available today.

Two piece toilets

For many years, most homes and businesses have relied on one-piece toilets for the bathroom space. A one-piece toilet is one where the bowl and tank are manufactured together and connected by a long pipe. While easier to install, these toilet types are harder to maintain. They may be a perfect fit for the home, but the connecting pipe can easily become damaged in commercial buildings that undergo heavy use.

A more efficient solution is the newer two-piece toilets. These toilets have the tank and bowl manufactured and installed separately. The installation process may be more complex, but they are easier to maintain once in place. In addition, the long connecting pipe is out of sight, reducing the likelihood of damage.

Pressure-assisted toilets

Most homes rely on the power of gravity to assist in flushing waste down the toilet drain. The main flaw with gravity toilets is that large amounts of waste in the toilet bowl can take a lot of water to flush.

On the other hand, pressure-assisted toilets use the power of compressed air to provide a larger force for flushing waste down the drain. As a result, they use less water and are easier to maintain your commercial plumbing.

Wall hung toilets

Wall hung toilets are also an excellent choice for commercial establishments. They only have the toilet bowl and flushing plate exposed, leaving fewer surfaces exposed to undergo damage. The toilet tank and inner flushing mechanism remain behind the wall and away from potential damage.

Wall hung toilets are also smaller and require less plumbing inside the bathroom space. This means that you can fit more toilet seats into a smaller bathroom for your guests and employees to use. Wall hung toilets are less prone to leaking because they don't attach to the actual ground.

Back to wall toilets

Another useful option for your premises are toilet bowls that have their "back to the wall". The only part of the toilet that is exposed is the bowl and the flushing button. In this way, all the plumbing (as well as the toilet tank) remains concealed and less likely to be damaged.