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Thinking Of a New Hot Water System? Consider Going Tankless

When deliberating the installation of a hot water system, it is easy to be tempted to replace your old one with a traditional hot water tank. While tanks are the standard option, new technology has brought about tankless heaters that are just as efficient, if not more, than their conventional counterparts are. So before you decide on what hot water system you want to be installed, read on for why you should be considering tankless hot water systems for your household.

How do tankless heaters work?

Traditional water heaters will have a substantially sized receptacle to hold your hot water. This tank will typically vary in size depending on the consumption of your household. Thus, if you have numerous family members, the likelihood is that you will have a large tank to ensure you receive sufficient hot water. The problem with this type of hot water system is that gallons of water are heated at a time, irrespective of whether you will use the entire supply or not. Tankless heaters vary from these traditional options by boiling your water per your needs. Hence, there is a considerable reduction of heat loss from standby water. When you turn on your tankless heater, a gas burner or electrical coils will heat the water as it flows through the hot water system. Hence, the entire home can receive hot water directly from the point of use areas rather than storing the hot water.

What does the installation of tankless heaters entail?

Tankless heaters, to begin with, should never be installed as a do it yourself project. You need the services of a qualified plumber for various reasons. Firstly, the plumber will come in and assess your household's hot water needs to help them determine the capacity that will suffice. Secondly, you need to instruct your plumber on whether you prefer an electrical connection or a gas heater. Gas tankless heaters tend to be the most energy-efficient option. However, you will also have to determine if your property has a gas supply to support the functioning of the tankless heater.

What are the benefits offered by tankless heaters?

There is a multitude of ways that tankless heaters are superior to conventional hot water tank alternatives. When you elect to have your hot water system replaced with a tankless system, you can forget about ever running out of hot water. Secondly, tankless heaters tend to have a longer lifespan that hot water tanks since they do not have a receptacle that can be prone to corrosion, cracks or sediment build up.