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Selecting the right hot water system

Hot water plumbers are specialists in their field. These plumbers specialise in installing and repairing hot water systems for both commercial and residential clients. When the hot water stops working as it should, it can cause a person's daily routine to become disrupted. This disruption can stop you from having a hot shower in the morning and make washing dishes a pain. Hot water specialists operate at all hours to quickly diagnose and fix the issue at hand. 

Types of hot water systems

If you need a new hot water system installed, then there are a few options to choose from. Selecting the one that's best for your requirements is important to ensure that it doesn't break down quickly and end up costing you lots of money in repairs. This is why you first need to assess how much hot water you need on a regular basis and if this requirement is expected to grow in the next few years. If your family is small, then you don't want to waste money installing a large hot water tank, and if your family (or business) is expected to grow in the next few years, then you will need a larger hot water supply. Here are some of the options on the market:

Electric Hot Water System - This is a popular choice as it is cheap to install. This system runs on electricity and is less energy efficient than other types of hot water systems. This is because it has higher running costs owing to larger energy consumption. 

Gas Hot Water System - As the name suggests, these hot water systems run on gas. These are expensive to install initially; however, they have lower running costs and hence are more energy-efficient than electric hot water systems. These are better for the environment and produce less greenhouse gas emissions than electric hot water systems. Gas hot water systems are becoming more and more popular as the gas grid is expanding.

Solar Hot Water System - These have higher initial installation costs than both electric and gas hot water systems; however, some government rebates are available. In these systems, water is heated using the heat from the sun, but they may also have a gas or electric component for those days when there is limited sunlight. There are several types of solar hot water systems including heat pumps and flat-plate solar hot water systems. 

Speak to your local hot water plumber to make the best choice for your needs.