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How To Clear Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can cause various household incontinence. They encourage an odour-inducing issue by allowing the growth of bacteria. There are a lot of elements that could cause clogged drains such as hair, the buildup of grease, broken pipes or dropping foreign objects. What should you do in such cases? Here is how you clear your clogged drains.

Boiling water

For a quick and simple fix to your blocked drains, pour boiling water inside the drain. This process will dissolve or loosen the blockage without implementing other sophisticated measures. You can only use this approach with ceramic or metal pipes since heat loosens joints on PVC pipes. You can also use this method to remove food or grease buildup.

Caustic cleaner

Another option is buying caustic cleaners from the supermarket or hardware store. These chemicals dissolve grease, food, hair and other common causes of blockages. Always use the caustic cleaners sparingly to prevent harm to the environment. Ensure you wear your protective gear when using this chemical cleaner. Flush water into pipes later to remove the remaining chemicals.


You can get rid of minor blockages that make your drain slow using a steady plunge. Ensure that you cover the overflow spouts to get a robust seal before plunging. The plunger's upward and downward movement will create pressure that loosens blockages in your drains. Plunging is the most compelling option for solid obstructions.

Vinegar as well as baking soda

This approach utilises the vinegar and baking soda reaction to dissolve the clog. Before you pour the baking soda to the drain, ensure you first pour some boiling water to the drain. You will later add vinegar and boiling water down to the pipe and leave it or ten minutes. Finally, you should wash your drain with more boiling water to dislodge the remaining debris.

Drain snake

Drain snakes are long and flexible steel pieces with handles, and you can use them in unblocking your drain. Drain snakes have spiral augers at the front part, which rapidly spin. The augers chip away at your blockage until the drain becomes clear. This method is an excellent solution when dealing with severe blockages. You can buy your snake from a hardware store, or you may hire a plumber to save you the headache of doing it yourself.

Wrap up

Unclogging your blocked drains can be an arduous process. Use the above details to make the process straightforward. When you notice unpleasant odours from the pipes, then you should unblock the pipe to prevent complete damage.