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Red Flags of Imminent Garbage Disposal Repairs That Mandate Plumbing Services

One of the niftiest appliances you can have in your kitchen is a garbage disposal, as it offers a wide range of advantages. Firstly, its inherent function of disintegrating kitchen rubbish and eliminating it for you keeps this space clean. Secondly, a functional garbage disposal system will keep your kitchen smelling lean and fresh, making this room great for gatherings with friends and family. Lastly, by utilising the garbage disposal to clear out used plates and pots, you minimise the risk of clogs in your sink, and this provides you with long-term costs savings since you will not have to deal with incessant blockages.

Nonetheless, despite how efficient this appliance is, it is bound to develop some issues down the line that would require professional plumbing repairs. To help you identify these problems, check out the following red flags of imminent garbage disposal repairs that should have you enlist plumbing services.

The garbage disposal is emitting foul smells

Despite all the food debris that this appliance collects and breaks down, it is never supposed to reek. And this is because a well-functioning garbage disposal will not only disintegrate the scraps but will also redirect them into the drain. In some instances, the seals in the garbage disposal can loosen slightly, and this leaves space for food scraps to accumulate, which will lead to a fetid odour coming from the appliance.

Alternatively, greasy food can steadily coat the garbage disposal's inner lining, which increases the likelihood of crumbs getting caught inside the system. If the problem is minor, it can easily be fixed by pouring hot, soapy water down the drain to clear it. But if this does not fix the stench, you must hire a plumber to come and investigate the underlying issue and remedy it. It is worth bearing in mind that using industrial-strength cleaners is inadvisable, as this can damage your garbage disposal. Resultantly, you will need to replace it rather than repairing it.

The garbage disposal is emitting weird sounds

Admittedly, garbage disposal systems do not operate silently. Instead, hearing a low hum when it is in operation is normal, as this appliance relies on an electric motor to function. If you have had your garbage disposal for several weeks or months, you are likely accustomed to what it sounds like. Hence, the moment you start to hear strange noises that you have never heard before, it is vital that you hire a plumber for possible garbage disposal repairs.

Most commonly, these noises will sound like grating or grinding, which usually are indicative of one or metal components coming out of place and rubbing against each other when the garbage disposal is turned on. Conversely, you may hear screeching noises, which tend to be emblematic of insufficient lubrication. Whatever the case, plumbing repairs are mandatory, or else you risk extensive damage to this appliance.