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4 Tips to Avoid Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems plumbers have to fix, but they are not inevitable. Follow these tips to reduce the risk of your drains becoming blocked.

1. Always Use a Drain Cover

An easy way to reduce the risk of a blocked drain is to cover every drain in your home with a drain cover. Using a drain cover in the shower means that strands of hair cannot fall into the drain and contribute to a clog. Using one in the kitchen prevents scraps of food, rings, or other items from slipping into the plug hole while you wash dishes.

You can easily clean a drain cover. Simply lift it out, pull out the hair or food scraps, and wash it with water and a soft brush. This process is much easier than unblocking a drain.

2. Keep Fat Out of Drains

Fat is a major factor in drain clogs. Pouring excess cooking fat into the kitchen sink can lead to the fat congealing inside the cold pipes, which can cause a blockage. Break this habit by instead pouring used oil into a container that you can throw away with solid waste.

When you wash dishes, it is inevitable that you will rinse some traces of fat into the kitchen drain. You can mitigate the effects of this fat by running hot water into the sink to flush the oil through the system rather than letting it congeal.

3. Educate Everyone About Toilet Safety

If you have kids, then you are at higher risk of blocked drains than other households. Kids seem to love putting things down the toilet, such as huge wads of toilet paper, toys, unwanted food, or sanitary products once they get a little older. Take the time to let kids know that these items can break the toilet or lead to blocked drains if they get into the sewer line that takes waste from your home. A little education now can prevent blockages later.

4. Have Your Drains Cleaned Regularly

Many plumbers offer drain cleaning services that can speed up slow drains, resolve bad smells, and reduce the risk of blocked drains. By using one of these services, you can reduce the risk of your home plumbing system developing a blockage. Do not wait until your drains are already blocked to call a plumbing service — act today to prevent blocked drains in the future.