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5 Advantages of Solar Hot Water Systems

If you need to replace your hot water system, why not consider a solar hot water system instead of one powered primarily by electricity or gas? Solar hot water systems offer many advantages for you, your home, and the planet. Here are a few good reasons to install a solar hot water system.

1. Free Energy

Solar hot water systems use solar hot water panels to heat water using free energy from the sun. Whereas the costs of gas and electricity can fluctuate, sunlight is free and always will be. As a result, your solar hot water system will have almost no running costs.

2. Effective and Efficient

Many people worry that a solar hot water system will have reliability issues, which could leave them unable to shower in the mornings. In truth, solar hot water systems are tested to ensure they are reliable. Compared to solar panels that generate electrical power, solar hot water panels are much more efficient. They can use even low-intensity sunlight to heat water, which is then stored in a tank until you need to use it. You can rely on your solar hot water system just as much as you can on one powered by gas or electricity.

3. Low Space Requirements

When you consider installing a solar hot water system, you might imagine that you would need solar panels all over your roof to generate enough hot water. The space requirements for solar water panels are quite low. A typical family home needs only a couple of small panels to provide all of their hot water needs.

4. Functional Even When Cloudy

Some people mistakenly think that solar hot water systems only work when the sun is shining brightly. Even on cloudy days, the daylight still contains enough energy to heat water for your bathing and showering needs.

5. Reliable

Solar hot water systems are reliable, with most requiring repairs only infrequently if at all. The only regular maintenance you need to do is to keep the solar hot water panels clean. If you can safely access the hot water panels, you can clean them yourself using soapy water and a soft sponge, perhaps on a long handle so you can clean them from the ground. If there is no way for you to reach your hot water panels safely, then you can hire a solar panel cleaning company to clean them for you.