Factors to Consider When Installing a Heat Pump in Your Pool

By installing a heat pump to warm your home's swimming pool, you'll extend the swimming season and get more use out of the pool. Thus, a heat pump is a worthwhile investment considering the pool will be sitting vacant fewer months than otherwise. To help you understand your heat pump, consider the following factors. They Relocate Heat Heat pumps work ingeniously, much like air conditioners. They extract heat from the ambient air and relocate that warmth into the pool water. [Read More]

3 Common Reasons Drains Become Blocked

If you have noticed that the water in your sink, bath or shower is taking longer to drain away, it is likely the drain is becoming blocked. This article will explain some of the common reasons why a drain becomes blocked. Read on to find out more.  Human hair  It is no surprise that hair can accumulate in the drain, as we lose up to 100 strands each day. You can remedy this problem by first cleaning your hair out of the drain with a drain cleaning tool. [Read More]

3 Ways You Know a Plumber Should Repair Your Hot Water System

A hot water system plays a vital role in a home, but most homeowners don't realise it until it malfunctions. Without an efficient hot water system, morning showers won't be enjoyable. Most hot water systems develop major issues or break down completely due to poor maintenance or neglected repairs. Your hot water system may also develop some irreparable problems if you always handle the repairs yourself. Here are simple signs that show that you need hot water repairs. [Read More]

Domestic Plumbing Issues That Threaten Your Health When Left Unattended

Most homeowners are savvy with minor plumbing repairs, such as using a plunger to dislodge a blockage in their toilets, but not all problems should be handled by an amateur. Because some homeowners may not appreciate the severity of several plumbing issues, it is unsurprising that many problems go ignored altogether. It is the plumbing issues that are either ignored or considered minor that could end up posing a serious risk to your health and that of your loved ones. [Read More]